Shenzhen Crypto Mining Chip Maker Launches Powerful Bitcoin Miner Amid IP Dispute

2023-03-30 04:47:54 By : Ms. Elinor Shu
MicroBT to Release 38W/T Whatsminer M30S amidst IP Dispute

MicroBT, a leading manufacturer of cryptocurrency mining chips, is set to release its latest and most powerful bitcoin mining model - the M30S. This latest release comes amid an ongoing Intellectual Property rights dispute with their biggest competitor, Bitmain - the world’s largest producer of Bitcoin mining machines.
MicroBT to Release 38W/T Whatsminer M30S amid IP Dispute | NEWS.8BTC.COM

The M30S is expected to outshine Bitmain’s latest S17 Pro model in power consumption and performance, marking a significant shift in power dynamics within the Bitcoin mining industry. The M30S boasts a power consumption rate of 38 watt per terahash (38W/T), while Bitmain’s S17 Pro uses approximately 45W/T. Additionally, the M30S is equipped with Samsung’s latest 8nm ASIC chips and has a hashrate of 88 terahashes per second.

This new release is expected to revolutionize the Bitcoin mining industry, as it showcases that MicroBT has the technical expertise and design capabilities to offer a superior product when compared to Bitmain. Recently, MicroBT has been on a winning streak having won a major IP infringement case filed against them by Bitmain. This latest release is set to solidify their position as a major player in the cryptocurrency mining hardware space.

The M30S has undergone rigorous testing and has been found to be more energy efficient than any other mining machine available today. Its power efficiency will help miners save money on electricity bills while still earning a substantial return on their mining investment. This optimal energy efficiency is the result of MicroBT's continued efforts to reduce power consumption while simultaneously improving performance.

As the world of cryptocurrency continues to evolve, it's becoming increasingly important for mining hardware manufacturers to continuously innovate and produce products that advance the mining industry. MicroBT’s M30S is expected to set the standard for high-performance, low-energy-consumption Bitcoin mining, paving the way for a more sustainable mining industry.

In conclusion, the forthcoming release of MicroBT’s M30S is a significant development in the world of Bitcoin mining. With its superior energy efficiency and powerful performance, the M30S is set to become the sought-after choice for Bitcoin miners worldwide. The IP dispute between MicroBT and Bitmain has only added to the anticipation surrounding the release of the M30S. The next few months will be exciting times for the Bitcoin mining industry.

M30s, MicroBT’s newest addition to its line of mining machines, is set to take the Bitcoin mining industry by storm. With its superior energy efficiency and powerful performance, it is sure to surpass Bitmain’s S17 Pro model. The M30S is equipped with Samsung’s latest 8nm ASIC chips, allowing it to operate at an impressive hashrate of 88 terahashes per second while consuming only 38W/T. The release of M30S will revolutionize the mining industry, giving MicroBT an edge in the ongoing struggle for dominance with Bitmain. This optimal energy efficiency will help miners save on electricity bills, making Bitcoin mining more economical in the long run. With M30S set to lead the way for a more sustainable mining industry, a bright future lies ahead for the Bitcoin mining community.