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Model KD6-SE from Goldshell mining Kadena algorithm with a maximum hashrate of 25.3Th/s for a power consumption of 2300W.

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Algorithm KD6 SE Kadena Miner The miner uses the Kadena Algorythm, which is a hybrid Blockchain algorithm. It’s also a new smart contract platform whose main aim is to unite public applications. You can also combine private Blockchain and other interoperable chains with the algorithm. Thanks to the algorithm’s capabilities, it helps drive traffic to high-bandwidth computers at the heart of Kadena. For those looking to book short investments, Kadena is the miner for you. With Kadena being a fixed token, Kadena is mineable for 120 years. And this leaves plenty of time for miners to benefit from it. In addition, you get a chance to own KDA as the coin is listed in several leading exchanges. Hashrate Goldshell KD6 SE 26.3 TH/s is the maximum hashrate of the miner, which is higher than the predecessor. The 8 Th/s more gives you a better mining experience which hastens the process of mining Kadena. And this is what every miner wants to hear. A high hashrate means the KADENA network is healthy enough for mining. Since the difficulty of mining increases every day, a high hashrate is the solution. As a result, you get to solve more puzzles and hence mine faster. Humidity and Temperature Levels For the miner to work efficiently, you must use it under optimum conditions. The manufacturer recommends a maximum humidity of 95 percent and a low of 5 percent. Temperature should be 45 degrees Celsius maximum and 5 degrees Celsius minimum. Noise Levels The miner is a bit louder, which can create problems for those looking to mine at home. It comes with 80 decibels above-recommended house-mining noise levels of 75 decibels. We recommend mining in silent areas away from neighbors.

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