New Goldshell CK6 19.3T CKB Mining Machine Asic Miner Eaglesong Algorithm Free Shipping

Model CK6 from Goldshell mining Eaglesong algorithm with a maximum hashrate of 19.3Th/s for a power consumption of 3300W.

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About Goldshell CK6 When you first lay your eyes on it, the miner looks the same as other Goldshell mineThere'sre's nothing new when it comes to the physical aspects of it. Well, apart from weighing 850It'sIt's less than most Nervos miners. And this makes it a perfect miner for home-mining and large-scale mining. Nervos is the only coin mineable. Sadthere'sre's no mining pool that supports this coin. And this leaves all the mining power to the miner. Also known as the CKB Nervos Miner, the Goldshell CK6 Miner is here with us. The miner proves to be a force to reckon with. With a power consumption, expect to pay more with the electricity expense. Several stores have this miner available. These stores are reputable and provide fast shipping. However, you need to know the full capabilities of the Goldshell CK6 Miner. that'sat's where we come into play. Efficiency of the CK6 Goldshell Miner With a high power consumption, 3300W comes with an efficiency of 0.171j/Gh. And this gives users to mine Nervos for a shorter period thanks to the high power consumptiIt'sIt's one of the highest power consumptions ever in a Goldshell Miner. Hashrate Goldshell CK6 The Goldshell CK6 miner comes with a maximum hashrate of 19.3 Th/s. And this gives miners the power needed to solve block puzzles faster. Again, this is the most hashrate you will find in a Goldshell Miner. High hashrate enables miners to solve block puzzles faster and earn coiIt'sIt's the ultimate goal for any miner. The high hashrate also brings about a secure minThere'sre's little chance of a third-party attack thanks to the increased hashrate.  

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