Water Tower Support Customization Used With Oil Immersion Cooling Box Containerc Support Customization Used With Oil Immersion Cooling Box Container

Water Tower is used with cooling box or container. Water tower supports customization.

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Advantages and characteristics of closed cooling towers: 1. No need to dig a pool; less land occupation; simple installation and maintenance 2. Closed circulation cooling prevents the formation of scale and effectively protects the equipment. 3. Fully enclosed circulation cooling, to prevent pipeline blockage caused by sundries. 4. Automatic digital display temperature control, saving water, electricity and energy, and easy to operate. 5. The coil cooler has high heat exchange efficiency and good cooling effect. 6. The closed cooling tower is made of high-quality steel, with less maintenance, low cost and long service life. Since there is no need to dig a pool, it is especially suitable in areas where water resources are scarce. 7. The closed cycle is adopted to protect the environmental safety of water resources; in addition, the evaporation of water mist is small, which protects the atmosphere environment. Placing it indoors will not affect the indoor environment and will not destroy the conditions of use of other equipment.   Note: This product does not include free shipping and does not support separate orders. You can choose to place an order together with other mining machine products.

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