New Goldshell HS Lite 2.9th/S 1250W Silent Miner 2 Algorithms HNS/SC Miner Free Shipping

Model HS Lite from Goldshell mining 2 algorithms (Handshake, Blake2B-Sia) with a maximum hashrate of 2.9Th/s for a power consumption of 1250W.

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About Goldshell HS Lite Looking at the miner’s design, it’s slightly smaller than your normal Antminer. The miner is the same height as other miners; the width, not so much. You can only mine Handshake and SIA coins with the miner. There’s only one mining pool that you can join to increase your mining capabilities. Luxor mining pool is best for such miners. There are only a few stores with the miner. We recommend buying from Coin Miner Bros as they are a reliable crypto store. The miner went live in March 2022, and the current profit shows a $1 daily profit. It’s one of the best miners for newbies and home mining. You can also use the miner for large-scale mining, thanks to the noise levels. Depending on which coin works best for you, the market favors them equally. The miner uses the Ethernet interface with a maximum of 12v. In addition, it comes with an IP report button which is a newly added feature. The miner weighs 8100g which tells you how small it is. Dimensions include 264*200*290mm and come with four fans. After switching on, the fans will ramp up a bit before finally settling down. Note: The yields will decrease as more and more Goldshell HS Lite joins the network. It’s best to get yours today before the rush begins. The efficiency of the miner is better than most SIA-based crypto miners. Algorythm of Goldshell HS Lite Miner With two mining algorithms, you have to choose the one mining profitable coins. The miner uses Blake2B-Sia and Handshake algorithm. Miners might decide to compare with a single graphic card. Efficiency of the HS Lite The efficiency matters as it breaks down the productivity of the miner. Efficiency also matters in terms of maximum power consumption. The higher the power consumption, the more efficient the miner becomes. Based on the Blake2B-Sia algorithm, the miner has an efficiency of 0.241j/Gh. However, with the handshake algorithm, you get an efficiency of 0.919j/Gh. And that will have an impact on the overall profitability of the miner. Hashrate of the Goldshell HS Lite Any hashrate with a more extensive result will increase mining productivity. The hashrate plays a vital role in mining coins depending on the algorithm used. Generally, the higher the hashrate, the more influential the miner becomes.

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